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My Legal Funding specializes in finding the right legal funding company for you. That includes: fast cash advances, sensible funding, and customer service that will guide you through the process.

At My Legal Funding, you can rest assured that you'll receive the best pre-settlement cash advance for your needs.

What is a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance?

A pre-settlement cash advance is available to those persons involved in personal injury, workers comp, or other legal cases. If you have a strong lawsuit but are looking for immediate cash while you wait for a larger settlement, a legal funding company will advance you cash to improve your situation.

Legal funding companies don't fund lawsuits. The cash advance is a means for you to pay living expenses, allowing your lawyer to build a stronger case and for you to take care of pressing financial concerns while your lawyer negotiates a better settlement.

My Legal Funding Works For You

My Legal Funding finds quality funding firms that won't interfere in your case or charge unreasonable fees for their financial service. The lawsuit involves you and your lawyer, and we make sure that the legal funding companies never cross that line.

Our specialized legal funding service will find a company that operates in your area so you don't have to wait days or weeks to get the money you deserve. You can receive funding within hours of contacting a legal funding company.

If I Lose My Case, What Do I Owe?

Nothing. Legal funding provides cash advances on a "non-recourse" basis, meaning that if you don't win your lawsuit, the cash received is yours to keep. If you win your settlement, you only pay back what you were loaned plus fees from the proceeds of the settlement. There is no hassle and no need to break the bank in order to pay the company back.

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